Need help on a logo

2010-07-13 13:14:43 by DjRhythm89

i need some one with great art skills to draw some thing for me please because i cant draw lol, but if you think you could draw some thing for me and have art work where i can view it to make sure you know what your doing, that would be great, any way hope to here some thing soon

Artist need !!!!!!

2009-07-10 16:26:44 by DjRhythm89

so i have a few story idea of like a sohrt here on new grounds i can write the story`s but would like to fin some one who is really good with flash or making a short . also good at drawing and taking idea and putting drawing them out. so if you think your good the message me..

thanks Rhythm


2009-01-25 18:48:18 by DjRhythm89

yeah i am a dj and if your producing or make you own trance an techno beats and songs and want a remix hit me up